A small, big hearted brewery, based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

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who we are

Bear North Brewing Company is just the two of us, a small but big hearted set-up, with a northern but outward looking approach, based in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire.

We’ve set up, needless to say, for the sheer love of beer and the sheer joy of brewing beer. We aim through effort, imagination and innovation, to adapt and develop a range of traditional English ale styles, and to push the boundaries of new, craft approaches to beer-making, combining flavours and styles from the world over.

We have a genuine desire to create and build a real community brewery, working along co-operative lines with our suppliers and customers alike and seeking to share not only our products with the community, but also our love of beer and beer-making.  Reflecting this aim, Bear North will focus as much as we can on real, face-to-face interaction with our customers, working at craft markets, festivals, country shows and public events and venues, as well as through word of mouth.  In time, we hope to spread our passion for beer further by expanding both our range and our services.

the range

our beers

Classic character pale ale

A classic English ‘bitter’ pale ale using Northdown hops and a combination of pale ale malts to give a balanced roundness with a characteristic hop bitterness in the background. Ideally serve at 10-12°c.

Rich Chocolate Porter

A rich, smooth and rounded traditional porter with mocha, chocolatey notes and hint of hoppiness in the aftertaste. It has a soft, warming ‘mouthfeel’ indicative of the porter variety. Drink at around 12°c.__________ __ __


Ursa Major combines the smooth malt flavours of an Irish red ale with the hoppy flavour and aroma of the IPA style. Warm and rounded, but with a powerful punch. __________ __________ __________ _________ _________ _________ _______ ____ _____ ___ __ __ _ _

Fragrant Hoppy Blond

Like a golden bear, this is a stronger than average blond! Using Boadicea hops gives this ale a slightly herby character, which complements the gentle hop bitterness nicely and leads to a refreshing, clean finish. Best served a little colder at around 7-8°c.

Craft English Weissbier

German Hefeweiss style, Nanook reflects the unique flavours of this Bavarian classic – clean and refreshing while weighing in at a fulsome 5.5%. Unlike other beers, wheat beer is at its best with the sediment poured into the beer to give it its full flavour. Serve chilled at around 4°c.

American IPA

This is an American style traditional IPA, reflecting the recent vogue for paler, hoppier craft beers from the US. Made with Citra and Amarillo hops, it has a fresh, zingy, citrus bitterness combined with a malt sweetness. Serve chilled between 5-6°c.__________ __________ ___

Raspberry Saison Beer

Saison beers were traditionally seasonal beers known for their tart, fruity character and their signature yeast profile. This is complemented in Arcadia with the addition of fresh raspberries, giving it a fresh, zingy, soft fruit flavour that takes the style to a new level. Plus, this Saison is available all year round!

At our events, we can supply in packs of 3, 6 or multiples, and for orders of 20 bottles or more, local deliveries or self-pick-ups can be arranged. For information, contact us at info@bearnorthbrewing.co.uk for more details.



At Bear North, we are always looking to receive feedback from our customers - even if it's about how we could improve! Here's what some of our customers have said about our beers so far:



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